Ottoman 1855 Yatagan with Walrus Ivory Handle

Turkish Ottoman Yatagan from 1855. It has a steel blade, richly overlaid with gold, and displays a large walrus ivory handle, embellished with gold-gilt filigree.
The gold overlay to both sides of the blade is extensive with an engraving saying "Sâhib wa mâlek Suleiman 1855", or "Lord and owner Suleiman 1855".
This Yatagan is a souvenir trophy of an English officer from its Ottoman allies, during the Crimean War in 1855.

Most of Bashi-bazouks carried ornate Yatagans among other swords or knives.

It is of typical form with the blade curved, long and relatively thin.  The blade is 62 cm long for an entire length of 76 cm.
There is no guard for the hilt and the pommel spreads out in large wings. Yatagan originated in Ottoman Turkey and spread to northern Africa and Egypt with the Mamluks.

This yatagan is unusual for the size of the handle and the embellishments about it.
The walrus ivory in this example is complete and in perfect condition; with no cracks, chips or repairs, and with a beautiful honeyed patina, just a few rusting stains at the nails.


Sultan Abdülmecid 1839-1861

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