French Infantry Officer Sword Second Empire Napoléon III

Infantry Officer sword from the Napoléon III period -1860 pattern. Napoléon III was Napoléon's nephew and heir of Napoleon the First.

Engraved "Manufacture Impériale de Chatellerault Officier de la Garde Modèle 1860"

Grip in wood. Brass hilt with one branch and a folding back guar, engraved with a crown "N" on the branch. The shell guard has marked an imperial eagle and engraved "Garde Impériale"          
Pommel with Imperial Eagle and Jupiter's lightnings.

Triangle, triple-edged blade marked at the ricasso "Mre impériale de Chat. O de la Garde Mle 1860".

Leather scabbard with 2 brass mounts, helmet-shaped frog stud.

Battle of Solférino 24th June 1859

Trumpeter of the NapoleonIII Guides carrying a 1822 undress uniform they did carry the 1860 pattern sword

NapoleonIII was the nephew and heir of Napoleon I

Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte,  Napoléon 1er nephew, will lead France from his coup in 1851 to1870, and the french defeat in the  Franco-Prussian war. This period is qualified as the French Second Empire.
With the demise of the Second French Empire, the Prince Imperial was exiled to the United Kingdom.

The Prince Imperial during the Zulu war

He joined the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. After the outbreak of the Zulu War in 1879, the Prince Imperial, with the rank of lieutenant, went to the Zulu war where he died the first of June 1879...he was 23 year old!
...he rests at Saint Michael's Abbey, Farnborough, Hampshire.

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