Grande Armée Head Quarter Staff Officer sword

Magnificent sword for General and Staff officer with its "Marengo style" hilt.

Ebony grip with brass and gilded hilt with a Lion pommel cap, with fish scale and star designs.

Single branch hilt with two side languets engraved on each side with Athena head and her helmet raised high on the forehead.

Athena Goddess of War...she was the protector of heroes in
 battle and just causes in war.
Quillon representing a monster dog.

Napoleon Ordonnance Officer carrying a similar sword (© Internet source)

Aide de Camp Division General by L Rousselot

Curved steel blade, extensively adorned with deep Blue & Gilt attributes.
Brass outstanding scabbard ornate with oak and olive tree foliage  and two suspension rings.

Général Colbert de Chabannais

Marshal Soult Adjutant, 1811 by Pierre Albert Leroux ©

General Jean Victor Tharreau 

The star symbol for General and staff officers

General Jean Rapp

Another version of Soult Aide de Camp 

General Exelmans at the battle of Vertingen 

Marshal Adjudant 1812 bt Pierre Albert Leroux ©

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