Imperial Guard Officer Horse Grenadier or Cuirassier Sword

Officer of the Imperial Guard Grenadier Horse's sword... The Grenadier à Cheval de la garde.

The brass and leather scabbard is very similar to the second model for the Horse Grenadier troop.

It could have also belong to a Empress's Dragoons or to an officier of the Cuirassiers since the steel blade is straight and not curved...or the Mounted Grenadier officer did not appreciate the disliked Montmorency slightly curved blade fitted on the trooper sword ( check our trooper pattern) !

In any case, it did belong to a Heavy Cavalry Officer from the Napoléon Army, dated from October 1811.

Superior Officer in Full dress and officers in town dress
 by Rousselot ©

Marqued with the manufacturer's name "Lefevre Paris".  1m17 long and weights a mighty 1.964 kg or 1.28 kg without scabbard...
... a heavy duty mounted grenadier weapon!

Magnificent  "Garde de Bataille" hilt with a Grenade, symbol for the  Grenadiers guards

Officers in marching order 1805-1814 by L Rousselot ©

Octogonal pommel 

The brass and leather scabbard is very close to the second model for the Horse Grenadier troop.

Scabbard tip marked "ND"

Cuirassier Officer carrying the same sword

Manufacture Impériale Klingenthal Octobre 1811. In October 1811, capitulation of the town of Sagonte and defeat of the french army to the british and spanish forces at Arroyo Molinos.

Lieutenant Eagle bearer of the Mounted Grenadier of the Guard

" Lefevre à Paris " ...Manufacturer

Henri Lefevre was "fourbisseur" in Paris...rue Saint-Denis...he got separated from his wife in 1785...prior to the 1789 the act he is mentionned already as being a fourbisseur in Paris.

He might have shut down his business after 1811...

Imperial Guard Officer Horse Grenadier

Officer Mounted Grenadier at Eylau

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